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Tired of living beneath your potential?

ABOUT Ashton

Ashton Cantou is a passionate servant leader that thrives on supporting others in living out their highest potential and best life. She is Certified in Transformational Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching for High Performance. Additionally, Ashton is the CEO of Intrinsic Motivation and a coach and trainer to hundreds of educators in North Texas.

It wasn't an easy road by any means to get to where she is today. Ashton has a notebook full of lessons from the school of hard knocks. But due to her determination and tenacity her achievements and successes came often. Yet, she also found that being driven and talented wasn't going to be enough. She noticed herself taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back over and over again in her life. 


Her talent would take her where her limiting beliefs and ultimately her character couldn’t keep her. She knew something in her life had to change and it was her.  Ashton realized that she herself had to rise up and take radical responsibility for her life in order to continue to level up her results and create a life she loved living.

Using each life stumbling block as a stepping stone to success, along with many other key transformational life principles, she has totally transformed the results in her own life and the lives of her clients.​

With two black belts, one in failure and one in success; and nearly a decade of experience in Education, Coaching/Mentoring, and Philanthropy Ashton is no doubt equipped to serve you on your path to fulfillment.


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