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Life By Design Workshop

The Life by Design Workshop is a deep dive workshop designed to help you unlock your full potential, break through your limitations, and create a life you love living! I will be there to guide you every step of the way in blueprinting a map to your dream life and teaching you how you can move past your roadblocks and achieve your goals! 


In this workshop you will learn PROVEN research based strategies, rituals, and routines that have the power to enhance your results in any area of your life! (health, time & money freedom, relationships, & vocation)  


We only get one shot at this life and we can live it one of two ways, by default or by design...which will you choose?

  • Building a roadmap to your dreams.

  •  Vision Driven Living

  •  Living Your Passions & Purpose

  •  Befriending Fear

  •  Overcoming Comfort Zones

Intrinsic Beauty Workshop

This UNIQUE live event will get you absolutely fired up about life! 


There will be outstanding content, passionate teachings, and breakout sessions. 


A deep dive on the topics below will equip you to take action and conquer some of our biggest hurdles as women

  •  Self-Love

  •  Self-Acceptance

  •  Repatterning Negative Self-Talk

  •  Enhancing Self-Care Practices 

  • Vision Casting & Goal Setting 

Acountability and Execution Brunches for FearlessMellennials 

This workshop is designed to help women of purpose to elevate in their life and business. Be prepared to be inspired to take aligned committed action towards your goals. 

  • Craft a crystal clear vision

  • Built out your 90 plan

  • Set clear, actionable, & measurable goals

  • Develop Authentic Connections

  • Gain accountability.

Keynotes & Speaking 

Workshops and keynotes can be 100% tailored to the needs of your company or organization. Reach out to schedule your FREE content planning session to see how I can best serve your people! 

  • Keynotes

  • Panels

  • Deep Dives (20-30 people)​​

  • Workshops


Key Topics:

Leadership, Vision Casting, Goal Setting,  Dreambuilding, Overcoming Adversity, Using Failure as a Stepping Stone, Befriending Fear, Busting Through Comfort Zones, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Awareness, Mental Health, Relationships, Women Empowerment, Taking Aligned Committed Action, and more...